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Nomen floruit Terra
Beraldus, Nicolaus 1473-1550 Francogallia
Castalio, Sebastianus 1515-1563 Francogallia
Corvinus, Laurentius 1465-1527 Polonia (Silesia)
Corderius, Maturinus 1480-1564 Francogallia
Erasmus Roterodamus, Desiderius 1466-1536 Batavia
Fontanus, Ioannes 1545-1615 Germania
Mosellanus, Petrus 1493-1524 Germania
Pontanus, Jacobus 1542-1626 Germania
Popo, Petrus
Quempensis, Martinus Duncanus 1505-1590 Germania
Salazar, Franciscus Cervantes de 1514-1575 Hispania
Vives, Ioannes Ludovicus 1492-1540 Hispania

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