• Lexicon Latino-Anglicum Lewis&Short
    • apud Persea [1]
    • apud proiectum Archimedis [2]
    • ex interrete detrahendum [3]
  • Lexicon Latino-Anglicum a Friderico Parcivale Leverett compilatum [4]
  • Lexicon Latino-Anglicum Gulielmi Smith [5]
  • Gulielmus Smith: A Copious and Critical English-Latin Dictionary [6]
  • Lexicon Latino-Anglicum Minus a Gulielmo Smith compilatum [7]
  • Lexicon Anglico-Latinum (versio Anglica Lexici a Carolo Ernesto Georges compilati) [8]
  • Lexicon Anglico-Latinum a Iosepho Desmond Riddle compilatum [9]
  • Lexicon Anglico-Latinum Phraseologicum a Carolo Yonge exaratum [10]
  • Lexicon Anglico-Latinum Smith/Hall [11]

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