Nomen floruit Terra
Bodinus, Ioannes 1530-1596 Francogallia
Brunus, Jordanus 1548-1600 Italia
Fluctibus, Robertus de 1574-1637 Anglia
Masen, Iacobus 1606-1681 Germania

Numerologica, Cabbalistica, TheologicaEdit

Nomen floruit Terra
Ansaldi, Castus Innocens 1710-1780 Italia
Fluctibus, Robertus de 1574-1637 Anglia
Ioannes de Bridlington 1320-1379 Anglia
Grasser, Ioannes Iacobus 1579-1627 Helvetia
Kircher, Athanasius 1602–1680 Germania


Nomen floruit Terra


Nomen floruit Terra
Apianus, Petrus 1495-1552 Germania
Campanella, Thomas 1568-1639 Italia
Firmicus Maternus, Iulius 04o saeculo
Fluctibus, Robertus de 1574-1637 Anglia

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