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Nomen floruit Terra
Ansaldi, Castus Innocens 1710-1780 Italia
Bernoulli, Daniel 1700-1782 Helvetia
Bernoulli, Iacobus 1655–1705 Helvetia
Bernoulli, Ioannes 1667–1748 Helvetia
Berzelius, Ioannes Iacobus 1779-1841 Suetia
Bieberstein, Fridericus Augustus 1768–1826 Germania
Blumenbach, Ioannes Fridericus 1752-1840 Germania
Boerhaave, Herimannus 1668-1738 Batavia
Bolton, Iacobus 1735–1799 Anglia
Boskovich, Rogerius Iosephus 1711-1787 Croatia
Bourne, Vincentius 1695-1747 Anglia
Burton, Ioannes 1696-1771 Anglia
Dobritzhoffer, Martinus 1707/1708-1791 Austria
Euler, Leonhardus 1707-1783 Helvetia
Fischer, Ioannes Eberhardus 1697-1771 Germania
Gaubius, Hieronymus David 1705-1780 Germania
Gauss, Carolus Fridericus 1777-1855 Germania
Gesner, Ioannes Matthias 1691-1761 Germania
Gmelin, Ioannes Georgius 1709-1755 Germania
Gmelin, Samuel Gottlieb 1744–1774 Germania
Goethe*, Ioannes Wolfgang 1749-1832 Germania
Gorius, Antonius Franciscus 1691-1757 Italia
Haller, Albertus 1708-1777 Helvetia
Heyne, Christianus Gottlob 1729-1812 Germania
Holberg, Ludvig 1684-1754 Suetia
Kant*, Immanuel 1724-1804 Germania
Kästner, Abraham Gotthelf 1719-1800 Germania
Kolczaw, Carolus Polonia
Leibnitius, Gottfried Wilhelm 1646-1716 Germania
Lichtenberg, Georgius Christophorus 1742-1799 Germania
Linnaeus, Carolus 1707–1778 Suetia
Michaelis, Ioannes David 1717-1791 Germania
Newton, Isaac 1643–1727 Anglia
Pallas, Petrus Simon 1741-1811 Germania
Scherffer, Carolus 1716–1783 Germania
Schiller*, Fridericus 1788-1805 Germania
Spassky, Gregorius
Waring, Eduardus 1736-1798 Anglia
Wolff, Christianus 1679–1754 Germania

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