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Nomen floruit Terra
Alagherius, Dantes 1265-1321 Italia
Avellanus, Arcadius 1851-1935 Hungaria
Beowulfus 08o saeculo Anglia
Brant, Sebastianus 1457/58-1521 Germania
Chapman, Georgius 1559-1634 Anglia
Goethe, Ioannes Wolfgang 1749-1832 Germania
Kant, Immanuel 1724-1804 Germania
Milton, Ioannes 1608-1674 Anglia
Schiller, Fridericus 1788-1805 Germania
Shakespeare, Guillelmus 1564-1616 Anglia

  • PANTOIA. Varia, imprimis Germanica, Latine vel Graece versa. [1]
  • Carmina Russica Varia (Lomonosov, Pushkin, Lermontov &al.). Latine vertit Andreas Curascinius:

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